Friday, 25 May 2007

One week and counting

Flying out a week on sunday. Still fiddling around trying to tie up loose ends so that I don't leave chaos behind me. I also need to make sure I can work all the necessary technology and check I have all the relevant documentation. I went to Madeira once and forgot my driving licence so that rather ruined the prospect of car hire. Bearing in mind I intend to spend the whole of June with the wind in my hair going where the weather suits my clothes in a convertible. No driving licence would rather compromise the dream.


CW said...

Hey Good Morning Alex! Chris Watkins here, he of the Delbert Maclinton lyrics, you will recall? Good. I'll be monitoring the blog and the trip. Good idea to go on your own, even with the wife it's not the same, so most of my travelling has been solo in a rental car (nothing goes like a rental car) around the South, Texas to Tennessee via Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma (miles of nothing in OK, but good country music on the radio) If you are in reception of DFW (TX) tune in to 99.5 'the Wolf'. Remember the Charlie Daniels track 'Uneasy Rider'? - that'll be you!! Have a good one, CW

RTR said...

Welcom to America.I listen to your show every day online,great show.Very entertaining,Nikki's doing a good job. About your drivers licence,contact the AAA-American Automobile Association they my be able to help you. I live in Troy,NY,about 150 miles north of New York City. If you need any help or have any questions contact me at RTRusso