Tuesday, 12 June 2007

"And I love Yosemite, I love you land of sunshine..." 279 miles

"You wanna go pee pee or potty?" said the father of a small child in the restroom of "Nicelys" Diner/Cocktail lounge/Laundromat (multitasking) in Lee Vining. He then started to wash his hands. Something I had been attempting to do but was unable to get the taps to work. "Just pull and turn" he said. "So that is why you rule the world?" I replied..."you can do stuff we can't!" He looked for a moment and then started to laugh.

As I filled up with fuel at the petrol station across the street a group of old men had gathered at the workshop to talk. "they meet here everyday to shoot the breeze" said the pump attendant. "nice place to be" said I. "Ok if you like being poor" he replied. Obvious when you think of it. Tiny community no jobs.

Driving up through the park it was sensory overload time. The sights the smells the wildlife (one dead deer, lot of dragon flies, no bears). The guide book says "don't approach wildlife" like I am going to saunter up to a grizzly! Eventually ended up in a small town called Visalia. The motel receptionist who's eyeshadow matched her top told me all the bars were up on "Brubaker". I walked for blocks and even asked in a Chinese restaurant. No one had heard of it. Ended up in a bar/restaurant called "Crawddadys". Met a bloke who was a jazz drummer who asked me; "does anyone like us?"

Enjoying the blog? Check my (totally accurate) route so far- the map can be accessed via my showpage at: www.bbc.co.uk/radio2


Julie said...

Hi Alex, sounds like you're enjoying things out there, great blog!

Julie Wall (WCR FM)

Anonymous said...

Alex nearly a week into the adventure, so how is the weight falling off, or are the trousers becoming a bit tight.

Caroline said...

So glad you're enjoying yourself. Yosemite is beautiful - I'm glad you got to see it. Stay safe.

judithollows said...

Speaking of beers........in Munster, Indiana, the Three Floyds Brewing co. held a one day sale of DarkLord Russian Imperial Stout in April - they sold out of the beer in 4 hrs. In the summer only, they sell Gumballhead American wheat beer. See www.threefloyds.com ... Indiana is too far north, if you're going to catch your plane in New York on time!

Gary said...

Alex, Alex baby, Alex Alex baby!
Are you doing any kind of video thingy for us tv nuts?
Channel 5 will jump at the chance to show your thrills and spills.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, if you've got time, you could take a left at Visalia and see the spectacular giant sequoias - but I guess you'll really need to get motoring now if you're going to make New York City by the end of the month ... all good wishes for clear roads and clear skies ...

Richard said...

Hi Alex,

I'll continue to check your blog to see your impressions of our country. I did a somewhat similar trip three years ago (8500 miles in 18 days). Yellowstone is quite interesting with some odd features. I liked Mesa Verde in Colorado--although the age of the dwellings probably wouldn't impress anyone from the U.K. Of course, there is too much to recommend. Enjoy your trip!

Pittsburgh, PA

matt said...

"do not approach the animals" yes the sign is needed... they also have "contains hot liquid" on coffee cups.
surviving without the beer and takeaways?

copter doctor said...

Hey there follower of Delbert (Maclinton) silly question, OF COURSE we (all) love your blog. You'll give us a top ten of bars on return, just so we know where to go .... what beer are you drinking? Is it any good? American beer gets you water-logged before you get smashed. But maybe you know different?
Have a good one

borofishbar said...

Is the american food as good as a plate of steaming brown stuff from Staithes???

Enjoy the trip!

You could write a book....No honestly I think you could!!

Anonymous said...

Alex - fantastic blog, keep it coming!