Wednesday, 13 June 2007

"I get my kicks on..." 283 miles

Decided to head for the Grand Canyon - however, whilst looking at the map I realised I could take in the Hoover Dam on the way. A few days ago when I was still further west a guy said "the big stuff's over there," pointing eastwards. So far he has been right.

"Rrrrrrrr bertwing" The fridge in my room at the motel made this noise everytime its motor started up...still not to worry, it was keeping my beer cool. I keep a stash in the car in case I run into a dry county on my travels. It was my 7 O'clock alarm.

Skirted Las Vegas heading south on highway 93 some terrific advertising signs: "Dermatologist...acne, birth cancer". "Evening appetite control tablets" Presumably the antidote to the Taco Bell ads which proclaim: "the fourth meal....bring on the night". Once into Arizona there was an interesting road safety ad in several section along the highway that read: "A man, a miss....a car a curve.....he kissed the miss and missed the curve".

Hoover Dam was specatacular and a testament to 1930s architecture. It reminded me slightly of the BBC's broadcasting house in London. Large, metal, highly polished doors and handrails. Marble in the restrooms.

Fell into conversation with Noel who was also on his mid-life crisis trip. He was originally from Bristol and now living in Ireland and was travelling by motorcycle from Washington to San Francisco. He suggested going to New York via Denver as the Rocky Mountains were spectacular he said. May take him up on that.

Not going to make it to the Grand Canyon today but it did give me a chance to drive along a part of the old Route 66 on the way to Williams.

Listening to the country station KFLG::"K Flag". Deserted highway. Some tumbleweed blew across the road in front of me......perfect!


Steve Thomas said...

Didn't fancy popping into Vegas Alex? Shame on you!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are stopping in Williams you have to have a meal at Rod's steakhouse. The T Bones are enormous,very tasty, and great value.

You must visit Grand Canyon it's breathtaking and so peaceful.

Enjoy the rest of your trip,Big Al.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are having fun Al. Pick up some Don Williams and really feel the country. Is Tennesee in your plans?

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds wonderful, Alex!

Heard Stuart Maconie talking about it on Drivetime tonight, Wednesday. He was trying to get you on the phone I believe, but couldn't. That'll be your dodgy phone again!

He mentioned the blog on your showpage, so I checked it out.

Have fun you jammy mid-life-crisis-blog-writer that you are!

Charles Sweeney - Glasgow - UK

Colleen said...

If you fancy seeing the Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee, send me an e-mail at "", they don't do guided tours but I can give you a drive-by...

Les Batt said...

Hi Alex, glad you took my advice on keeping beer in the boot (just in case of dry counties!!) Did you enjoy the switchback ride into Death Valley......?
I am getting a little bit worried about you as you still have around 2,500 miles to go to get to New York and only two and a bit weeks to go.
Hope you are enjoying yourself, Grand Canyon is well worth a visit.

Pam Cartwright said...

I had my mid life crisis trip 2 years ago and now I want to do it all again so what age does that make me! You will really enjoy the Grand Canyon especially if you can stay and see the sun rise. Its a totally fantastic experience.
Those long straight [empty]roads stretching away as far as the eye can see ...... bliss. Have fun

Anonymous said...

Just to the east of Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon is Winslow AZ, where you can "stand on the corner".
My family thought I was mad to want to go there but it's there so we went

Anonymous said...

Love the Hoover Dam. It's a marvel of engineering.

Grand Canyon is great too.Love Yosemite but it's shame you're heading near Yellowstone. That's just awesome.

euston said...

At last, "The Tumbleweed" and on Route 66 to boot. A bit more romantic than Chip Wrappers blowing across the A66 at Middlesbrough.

Whatcotebloke said...

I can't believe you side-stepped Vegas Alex! It's a big Disneyland for grown ups, even if you don't gamble you really must experience it once!

Colin said...

Route 66, fantastic, 19 of us including wifes and girlfriends, have just rode route 66 from Chicago to LA (may 07) on Harleys