Sunday, 10 June 2007

"And you played without a care but not up in the High Sierra" 176 miles

All the things you read about Casino gambling are true. I lost track of time. One minute I was checking in to my room in a casino hotel the next it was the following morning.

In between times I took in a comedy show. "Ladeez and genlemen, please welcome from England Mr Joel Sanders" - all this way to watch a British comic? Main event was "cowboy comedian" Kip Attaway who did jokes and bawdy songs and had props like hats and sang with helium. This was more like it! I enjoyed him, as did the mainly silver haired audience who didn't bat an eyelid as he sang songs such as "How Can I Tell You I Love You When You're Sitting On My Face? "Paris Hilton Is A Million Dollar Ho!".

After that it was time for gambling ... oddly enough wandering through the casinos and seeing people grimly staring at slot machines, or watching the turn of a card without any semblance of enjoyment on their faces put me right off. That, and my inherent meanness and lack of understanding of games of chance. So I decided to wander round and watch instead.

Nothing gets in the way of the gambling. All the bar tops have machines let into them so you can't have a drink without there being the opportunity to lose a few dollars.

Police are everywhere, as you would expect when there are people staggering around with large amounts of cash on them. In one bar a man was sitting handcuffed on the floor as security waited for the cops to turn up. Seemingly oblivious, the punters played the slots around him. In another casino a soul band were doing some excellent covers to an audience of about 12 people. - a seemingly thankless task, but, like true professionals, they gave it their all. A few more beers and it is was 3am and I was eating again ..... damn!

Later that morning I got my car back from valet parking (odd feeling paying someone $3 to drive away in your vehicle) and headed for Yosemite.

I took the scenic route round the southern end of Lake Tahoe. The sun was scorching, but it got cooler the higher I climbed into the mountains. The views just get more spectacular and the smell of the pine forest has now been joined by that of sagebrush. Just over the summit, Lake Mono came into view which was jaw dropping. Headed down into the basin and am now holed up in a little motel which smells of cinnamon and coffee as it has a coffee shop attached in the small town of Lee Vining.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle Yosemite. I can see the snow capped mountains from my room as I type.


Les Batt said...

Hi Alex
If you pass through Bishop as you cross the Mountains you may be lucky enough to arive on "Mule Day" however, be warned, Mule Day is extremely popular and you may not get a hotel for miles around!
Couple of good bars there though, and the Days Inn has a "Hot Tub".
Where to next? Death Valley"?
Hope you are having fun.
Best from

hen said...
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Sian said...

Im really loving reading about your adventures oh! hairy one... just seen the comment section but doubt you have time to read any.

Watch those innards my good man, cant wait to hear more.... about the trip maybe not the innards if you follow me. X

euston said...

Keep on trucking and less of the tucking Alex.

euston said...

Hiya Alex,

watch out for them bears in Yosemite, they will steal more than your sandwiches.
So keep on trucking and less of the tucking.

Alastair from Shipley

Anonymous said...

Alex your trip sounds fantastic, I have visited San Fran a number of times and last November drove with some friends from SF to Las Vegas via Lake Tahoe. California is truely a strange place. Have never been to mid Amercia am sure it is very different. Know exactley what you mean about the healthy salads!! Have fun and look forward to your return in July. Peter

Jean said...

Hi Alex, if you can manage the detour try visiting Rachel - Home of the 'Alien Inn'about 70 miles north of of Las Vegas on the Extraterrestrial Highway #375, very very small town and inhabited by a bunch of people , I am sure, you will find interesting.
Take care
Jean - ex yorkshire girl , wilting in Las Vegas!

Livin' Life 2 The Full said...

Why... do you have your face on an inflatable booby?

Anonymous said...
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